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  • The series of seminars with Chris Pyak was a full success. More than 90% of participants rated the seminar as a full success and recommended the trainer for future seminars Mehr...Martin Wilhelm, trivago GmbH
  • It was genius how fast you understood the situation. At times I felt like you were my colleague – because you understood the internal challenges so well. MehrNidal Sultana, Controller
  • You are very natural. You really understand people. Your tipps on how to build a real connection in small talk are very valuable to me. MehrKatja Maue, Hewlett Packard (HP)
  • Entrepreneur Chris Pyak. A personal coach for every newcomer More infosHandelsblatt. 13. June 2014
  • Headhunter Chris Pyak shows fatal HR mistakes More infosHaufe Personal. 19. Februar 2014
  • Recruiting across borders becomes an opportunity to fight labor shortage, says Chris Pyak More infosDie Welt. 11. April 2014


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