3 English jobs that no one knows about: But you could have…

Yesterday I interviewed influencerDB about the English jobs that they offer in Munster.

As usual 80% of my newsletter readers clicked on the link with the job offers, but only 20% listened to the actual LIVE podcast. That’s why 80% of my readers missed three different jobs that are not on the website yet. David and Ramu told me about them in the podcast.

This is not unusual. Most jobs are first offered internally, then employers ask their colleagues for recommendations – and only if that fails they fall back to “post and pray”. Human Resources places a job advertisment and hopes that someone applies. Someone who.. you guessed it – “already speaks German”. The insight to gain here: The best jobs are not online. You hear about them by talking to managers.

80% of my readers made only the minimum effort – click on a job advertisement: “No fitting job for me? I give up.” They didn’t bother listening to the live podcast – and therefore they never heard about the jobs that are not on the website. They could have become a Senior Software developer or a Project Manager for InfluencerDB – but they missed that chance.

They also missed the opportunity to talk directly to David Bosse and Ramu Nair. David is the CPO of InfluencerDB and Ramu is the Director of Business Development. My readers could have become listeners and ask the decision makers their most important question. And make a good first impression at the same time…

I wonder: How serious are some people about their job hunt? The typical Expat jobseeker in Germany has written between 50-150 applications and got between 0-2 interviews.

And still most people are not willing to change their approach – and do the hard work that get’s them results. I wrote this text for two reasons: First, I needed to get this off my chest. All year long I try to connect you with employers who value intelligence and drive more than “speaking German”. It is frustrating to see how few professionals are willing to raise to the challenge.

I understand: Inertia is the most powerful force in the world. But it still makes me sad that so few people are willing to make a litle effort for their own benefit.

And the second reason: I know that you are different. You have the Immigrant Spirit.

If you want to change your stars: Join me tonight at 19.00 CET for the Expats Christmas Miracle 2017. It’s a real miracle, because you will make it happen. I will show you how.


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