A glimpse into the future of a retired nation

If you want to take a glimpse into Germany’s future… (Press “play”)

A few facts to make you think:

61 years is the real retirement age for most Germans.
1971: 30% of Germans where younger than 20 years.
2031: 33% of Germans will be older than 61 years.

The results:
1970: Social insurance added 26.50% to labour costs.
2015: Social insurance added 39.48% to labour costs.

The reason: Retirement payments and healthcare for the elderly increased according to the higher number of retired citizens.

Now consider the future:
The cost for caretaking will increase dramatically: 28,8% of people over 80 years need help. 4,2% of those over 60 years.
The workforce will shrink by 7 million professionals till 2030. While costs for care skyrocket…

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