Chris Pyak: Bridge between international talent and German employers

Chris Pyak is the managing director of Immigrant Spirit GmbH. Chris is a writer, HR consultant and business coach. He specialises in international recruiting and building cooperation in intercultural teams.

Chris believes that cooperation is the way towards a better future. This is why Chris Pyak supports a federal Europe, where you can “take any job, anywhere“. Here are his “Three proposals on how to create jobs and kickstart the European economy.

In 2015 Chris Pyak was elected into the Steering Committee of ALDE party Individual Members.



“Headhunter Chris Pyak shows fatal HR mistakes”
Haufe Personal” 19. February 2014

Radio, internet, television: For 15 years Chris wrote as a business journalist for clients like WDR, Onvista, Microsoft, Lycos and many others. His articles where featured daily on,, and Currently Chris Pyak writes a weekly column for “The European“.

Chris writes about “success in an borderless world” for a wide variety of German business magazines.


International Recruiting

“Recruiting across borders becomes an opportunity to fight labor shortage, says Chris Pyak”
Die Welt” 11. April 2014

German companies need international talent to remain successful in a borderless world. To hire the best talent you need more than a big paycheck: You need mutual respect.

Immigrant Spirit allows international talent and English speaking companies in Germany to get to know each other – and to fall in love.


Cooperation in Intercultural Teams

“Entrepreneur Chris Pyak. A personal coach for every newcomer”
Handelsblatt“. 13. June 2014

Retaining talent is key to longterm success. Chris has lived abroad for ten years. He worked in 5 countries and 4 different cultures. What Chris has learned:

Expatriates succeed if they can navigate the German business culture, create social and professional bonds and clearly define their personal goals for being in Germany. (Same is true for their partners and children)

The key to success is cooperation. Chris Pyak’s Superhero Training allows professionals to build strong ties and find their individual solution for their challenges.

Chris Pyak also offers individual coaching on request.



“The series of seminars with Chris Pyak was a full success. More than 90% of participants rated the seminar as a full success and recommended the trainer for future seminars”
Martin Wilhelm, Strategy & Organisation at trivago GmbH

“It was genius how fast you understood the situation. At times I felt like you were my colleague – because you understood the internal challenges so well.”
Nidal Sultana, Controller

“You are very natural. You really understand people. Your tipps on how to build a real connection in small talk are very valuable to me.”
Katja Maue, Coordinator Women’s Network. Hewlett Packard (HP)

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Chris Pyak is committed to the codex „Qualität und Professionalität in der Weiterbildung“ of the chamber of commerce. (IHK)

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