Reverse engineer your next employment

Reverse engineer your next employment

 What is it that expats who get a job in Germany do different from those that don’t? Last year I coached 117 expats. They came from all over the world and a wide variety of professions. All of them had a university degree.

I analysed their success in detail. When I asked them to look back at the road that got them to their next job, this steps came up over and over again. Walk with me backwards: From getting the job offer back to the moment when you started your search.



Trusted advisors told me that this chapter is too confusing. Because I start at the end and move backwards in time to the start. “Why don’t you go from step one to twenty? That’s much easier to understand!”

And they are right. Starting at the beginning and then take step by step towards the end is easier. It’s understandable. It is called “process oriented approach”. That is exactly what each HR manager is doing.

And what is step one? “You need to speak German.” And you are out.

Convince an employer to first define the results he wants to achieve – and suddenly it is up to you, to prove that you can get him what he wants. Maybe you will use a different path than he thought. But does that matter as long as you get the results?

If you want employers to define the results first, then you should be willing to do the same. That’s why I ask you to do something hard. Walk backwards with me. From the result (You got a job) to the moment when you started your search.

Take the effort of extra work now, so that you save work every single day in your hunt for a new job.


19 Steps to your next job in Germany!

Step 19. Final step! You add value.

Step 18. „They offered me the job! “

Step 17. Address all objections

Step 16. Prove that you can solve the biggest problem

Step 15. Prove that you understand the employers’ goals and challenges

Step 14. Verify. Always verify!

Step 13. You get invited to a job interview

Step 12. You get selected into the short list

Step 11. Send your cover letter, CV and additional documents

Step 10. Apply!

Step 9 Discover facts and myths

Step 8: Call the employer!

Step 7: Your short list

Step 6. Research role, company, hiring manager & recruiter.

Step 5. Dragons, Space ships and job descriptions

Step 4. Be a domina!

Step 3. Search and rescue mission

Step 2: Lock and load. But first: Analyse!

Step 1. Define your search criteria

Step Zero. I admit, my coachees “cheat” in this game. They get themselves a booster rocket. They use my career coaching service to better implement this strategy. And even more important: They know that I will open doors for them. I introduce them to managers in my network that they find useful. That gives them instant trust. And trust leads to opportunities.

We will discuss each of these 19 steps in detail. So that you can follow them one step at a time. We will also discuss how you implement them in a standard application process and in recommendations.

But first…

This is a chapter (still in raw form) of my upcoming book. I aim to help expats and everybody who is highly skilled, but doesn’t fit into the “DIN norm” of expectations to build a great career in Germany.

If you don’t want to wait until the book is released (August 2017): Please book an appointment to talk directly with me here.

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