Career Advice in Russian for Deutsche Welle

“Often HR departments are not ready to take a risk and employ talented specialists because of formal reasons, – they don’t speak German. But this way they harm their own companies, losing highly qualified employees who speak good English, Chris Pyak ensures.”
Deutsche Welle

A while ago I had the opportunity to give some career advice in Russian. Here is the article by Deutsche Welle Russia. A few mistakes have made it into the article. For example: I didn’t live “several years” in Moscow. I lived many years in East Europe and also (for a while) in Moscow.

Chris Pyak on labour shortage in Berliner Morgenpost

“If Germany wants to withstand the global competition, says Pyak, it cannot expect all specialists to speak German. Instead, it needs cosmopolitans.” Our managing director Chris Pyak comments on labour shortage in the German newspaper Berliner Morgenpost. Chris’ new book “How To Win Jobs & Influence Germans” is available on Amazon.