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“Opportunities do not float like clouds in the sky. They are connected to people“

(Reid Hoffman, Founder Linkedin)

Chris Pyak in Coaching Situation


Every day I met talented, highly educated and motivated professionals who cannot contribute to our society. Not because they would lack in skills or character – but simply because employers don’t value their experience.

In the database of Immigrant Spirit are professionals with degrees from Cambridge, Berkeley and the London School of Economics – who are searching for a job in Germany for two years.

How can this be?

Expatriates face an obvious hurdle and a hidden one. The obvious one is the language: Only 3.5% of all job offers in Germany are in English. The second, bigger obstacle is hidden:

German HR is afraid of you.


In the last year I spoke to over 500 HR professionals and hiring managers. They all want to hire foreigners – and they all believe they find someone “who already speaks German”.

What they don’t say: They do not want to hire the best candidate – but the one for whom they cannot be blamed.

Our coaching will enable you to identify and calm these fears. At the same time you will identify the biggest motivator for the hiring manager to “take a chance” on you: Making him your best ally.


I will help you to develop a successful strategy to:

  1. Identify the real needs of employers
  2. Find allies that will support their job application
  3. Deal with the hidden fears and objections of Human Resources
  4. Beat 70% of the other job candidates right from the start
  5. Secure the pole position in the “Top three choices”

The coaching usually lasts between two and three hours. It can be conducted in our office in Düsseldorf or online via skype or google hangout.


At the end of the coaching you will:

  1. Know where to find employers that want you because, not despite your international background
  2. Be able to identify “hidden” champions where you will face much less competition
  3. Formulate offers to companies that will speak to their most pressing needs
  4. Have the ability to identify potential allies in companies and a plan to reach them.
  5. Have alternative strategies on how to deal with HR and the actual hiring manager.


“The series of seminars with Chris Pyak was a full success. More than 90% of participants rated the seminar as a full success and recommended the trainer for future seminars
Martin Wilhelm, Strategy & Organisation at trivago GmbH

It was genius how fast you understood the situation. At times I felt like you were my colleague – because you understood the internal challenges so well.
Nidal Sultana, Controller

You are very natural. You really understand people. Your tipps on how to build a real connection in small talk are very valuable to me.
Katja Maue, Coordinator Women’s Network.  Hewlett Packard (HP)


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Your investment in your career is 390,- EUR (481,85 EUR plus Eventbrite fees and 19% VAT).
Coaching will take place in our office in Düsseldorf or via skype / google hangout

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