Superhero Training

“Opportunities do not float like clouds in the sky. They are connected to people“

(Reid Hoffman, Founder Linkedin)




You have a great dream. You face a serious challenge. But you don’t start: The obstacles feel overpowering. How can one person have so much knowledge, skills and energy to bring such a big project to success? You would have to be a superhero!

This is what this seminar does: It creates a superhero and gets your specific project on the road to success. No generic advice – but a concrete help for your concrete goal!



I like to describe this seminar as “weightwatchers for managers”. We bring 7 professionals from different walks of life together. Each of you have your very own personal goals – and a set of skills, information and contacts. Together we form a new being: A superhero who has all the superpowers that your personal project needs. We help you – and you help us. We all succeed.



The format of this seminar is very simple. 7 professionals, 3 rounds of questions and one hot seat. While you are in the “hot seat” you will have the full attention of the group. We will take our time to understand your goals and your motivation. You will feel like the center of the universe.

And then it starts… Each of us will ask you questions that you have never considered. Your brain is boiling while you see your project through our eyes. Suddenly reality changes: New doors open that you didn’t know exist. And then you transform… We – your team – lend you our powers, knowledge, contacts, resources: Your strengths grows 7 times. You have become… a superhero!

Real change needs the development of new habits. That’s why the superhero training is a total of 7 sessions over the course of 7 months.



I usually give this seminar in the real world. Companies like Hewlett Packard or trivago hire me to work with their international teams. The results are dramatic. One of the participants broke the record: She gave herself 7 months to get a promotion. After the seminar she became a manager within 30 days. Just by the power of cooperation.



“The series of seminars with Chris Pyak was a full success. More than 90% of participants rated the seminar as a full success and recommended the trainer for future seminars
Martin Wilhelm, Strategy & Organisation at trivago GmbH

It was genius how fast you understood the situation. At times I felt like you were my colleague – because you understood the internal challenges so well.
Nidal Sultana, Controller

You are very natural. You really understand people. Your tipps on how to build a real connection in small talk are very valuable to me.
Katja Maue, Coordinator Women’s Network.  Hewlett Packard (HP)



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“Headhunter Chris Pyak shows fatal HR mistakes”
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“Recruiting across borders becomes an opportunity to fight labor shortage, says Chris Pyak”
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Wednesday 14. January 2015
19.00 – 21.00 Central European Time ( Check for your local time! )
in google+ hangout
(Total: 7 sessions, once per months)



999,- EUR (incl. 19% VAT)


Do you want to participate?

There are a few conditions if you want to join, though:

First: You have to have a really important goal / challenge. People who just like to “try” it, are never satisfied. Participants with a real challenge are always extremly satisfied. So: Only serious applications please.

Second: Everyone has to contribute. In my seminars you will have to think and contribute a lot. That’s why they work so good.

Third: You have to be punctual. We start exactly at the announced time. So: Be there 5 minutes early and make sure that your technic works before you join!

Do we have a deal? 🙂 OK, then you can secure your ticket here.